Our facilities, located near Greeneville, Tennessee.


A History of Innovation

Minco, Inc.  revolutionized the fused silica industry.

Here in Midway, Tennessee, the furnace that has become the industry standard was created, increasing the productivity of the fused silica process ten-fold.  This completely changed the value dynamics of the industry, and opened up new markets and applications.

As a worldwide supplier of fused silica, we have increased capacity to meet the demands of the marketplace, and improved production processes designed to deliver a product that is greater than 99.7% pure. We have state-of-the-art particle size analysis systems, enhanced grinding and blending processes, and extensive high intensity magnetic separation methods to help improve their products and make them the best available in the marketplace.

Minco supplies Fused Silica products to markets around the world, particularly for applications including  investment casting, fillers, and refractories.

Today, Minco, Inc.  is a worldwide supplier of fused silica.  We have grown our capacity to meet the demands of the marketplace, and improved our processes so that our product is greater than 99.7% pure. 

 We have done this without losing the direct, personalized service that was critical to helping our company grow.  Our on site offices at 3M Midway are still located in a turn of the century farmhouse next to our plant.  We take great pride in our roots, and we'll never forget the need for hard work and innovation to stay ahead.